Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Welcome back!

This week is a short one:

What can you do to:

(1) Make sure you join the edmodo group for your class.
             (Human Behavior = jtxqto) (Modern World History = 999dgj) email me for these

(2) Make sure you have a notebook that can accommodate handouts and allows you to take notes.

(3) Please take your book home and leave it there.

(4) Please be sure to become a follow - http://www.campbell156.blogspot.com/.

Goals for this week:
Human Behavior:

  1. First Day Sheet
  2. Book Distribution
  3. Icebreakers/Introductions.
  4. What is Psychology discussion?

Modern World History:

  1. First Day Sheet
  2. Logic Puzzle
  3. Icebreaker/Introductions.
  4. Book Hand out.
  5. Why study History?