Full instructions are below but the basic idea was this; market a product to zombies as a way to prove you understand the importance/function of an assigned part of the brain.  What might you be looking for? Creativity, logical connection bewteen product and brain part.  Enjoy!

#1 - Reticular Formation

#2 Medulla flavored candy - help you fall in love with your undead girlfriend

#3 Zombie Zitamins - Temporal lobe to clear up your zombie speech!


#5 Temporal Tortellini

#6 Amygdala Pills















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Campbell Soup Company (NYSE: CPB), also known as Campbell's, is an American producer of canned soups and related products. Campbell's products are sold in 120 countries around the world. It is headquartered in Camden, New Jersey. Campbell's divides itself into three divisions: the simple meals division, which consists largely of soups both condensed and ready-to-serve, the baked snacks division, which consists of Pepperidge Farm, and the health beverage division, which includes V8 juices.(wiki)

  Campbell Soups Inc owns numerous food brands besides Pepperidge Farm including: Nestle candies, Altoids, Omaha steaks, Welch’s, Domino Foods, Nabisco, Newman’s Own, Snapple, Starbucks, Kraft, Kashii, Jenny-O among others. 

At a recent strategy meeting, Campbell’s CEO Edmund M Carpenter asked his developers to begin planning for a new line of products aimed at a new type of consumers.  Here is what he said;

“Since the dawn of time, Zombies have been an underdeveloped market.  They love to eat brains.  These zombies constantly need to eat.  I do not entirely understand why – they are already dead so could the undead starve to death?  Long story short, zombies have tons of discretionary income.  If you can get a zombie to be a loyal customer – you literally have a customer forever.”

He continued, “We need a line of products using the various parts of the brain as primary ingredients.  People love tomato soup because it tastes like tomatoes and has as much if not more nutritional then a raw tomatoes.”
·      Prove that you understand the three parts of the brain; you will be assigned 2 and may select a 3rd of your own choosing.
·      Work with a group. I will assign them (done already).
·      Design advertisement or packaging for zombie food products that boast the benefits/merits associated with the part of brain.
·      Example: Midbrain is associated with vision and eye movement.  With that said, Campbell’s has been testing Carrot and Mindbrain Snapple.  The idea being that the undead could always use help with their vision.  They are planning on rolling this out with their new line of occipital lobe flavored gum as part of their Zomb-a-Vision line.  It is believed that Zomba-Ade flavored with cerebellum for people involved in the Zombie Olympics.
            Share out your ideas by the end of class Monday (serious deadline).
            Guests will vote.
We will do a poll on the class blog and hope to get more votes then my frosh did – SPIRIT WEK PART DUEX!
NOTE: Please feel free to use/share brain link on edmodo!