Human Behavior

Reminder: code is: jtxqto please email me for this!

Human Behavior 10/3 - 10/6
Design-a-quiz HW due Wednesday
ETHICS debate/discussion on Friday!

QUIZ!!! 9/27

HW:  TOP 10 CONCEPTS OF CHP 1(only 10 sentences)

WORTH 20 Points
Name Summary (start w/ letter from your name)
Find the ten most important ideas in Chapter 1(p4-21)
Out of letters? Start again.
X = eXample, Z = Zero…
1)B ------ page #
2)R------- page #
10)Everyone should know that Freud…..p10

HW: 9/11 reflection

x) Please write and explain (one paragraph) a psychological inquiry or investigation you would like to do regarding 9/11.
X) Use “flashbulb”/tragic imagery study from Monday as sample.
X) What would you like to find out.
X) 15 pts

First Day Sheet

Cinnaminson Township High School
Mr. Campbell Human Behavior  Edmodo code: jtxqto
ROOM 156                                                                                                                       
4 Basic Questions we need to answer:
                           1) Who is this guy?
                                    2) What is this class about?
3) What does he expect from me?
4) How are grades calculated?
5) Closing thoughts.
1)    We will discuss this one.

2)     This class is a new elective to C.H.S. and a new course for the instructor. The emphasis is on units that focus the students’ awareness of their own mind and human behavior.  Through a better understanding of themselves, the topics allow for self-reflection and personal experiences that apply to the content.

3)    Expectations are rather simple- you can:
A)   Bring your notebook – it should be able to hold handouts that you receive.
B)    Leave your book at home!
D)   Have your pencil/pen with you.
E)    Arrive on time to class.
F)    Grab a warm-up and get to work.
G)   Do not pack-up and/or leave until dismissed by the bell.
H)   Expect to be challenged everyday!
I)     Treat each other with respect and dignity

4)    Every student is concerned with his or her grades.  Every assignment will be assigned a point value.  All assignment values will be announced when the task is assigned.  The value of each assignment will depend on material covered, time allotted, effort expectations and class significance.  Students will earn points on each assignment and that number of points will be compared to the possible points as a fraction. 
A)   Grade = Points Earned/Possible Points
B)    Late work is a discipline issue first and foremost.
C)   Plagiarism is a severe concern in this course – that applies to everything from HW to projects to Tests.

5)    A few thoughts before we move forward:
A)   We may have to adjust as we go along- therefore this sheet can be amended.
B)    If you miss class for any reason you must get the assignments missed from a classmate or the teacher.  Web tools will be a huge assistance for this!
C)   If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to approach me.  If you have a problem with a grade or are confused on any point, please ask.