Thursday, September 29, 2011


Hope everyone is enjoying their day off!
Please head over to Six Word Memoir Poll Page!
We would love to hear comments too!

Human Behavior -
We are going to continue Research unit this week and next.
Please check genesis for any errors or things you owe me.
Quizzes should be done soon!
No HW - yet!

Modern World History -
Brag/Complain paragraphs due FRIDAY 9/30!
Start Renaissance.

Monday, September 26, 2011


Human Behavior - Quiz Tuesday!  Bring your notecards - done!

Modern World - 6 Word memoir due Tuesday as well.

I am hoping to get voting poll on web this week for this project!  Keep an eye out!

This week
Quiz w/ pre & post discussion
Start of Research Unit

Start of Renaissance Unit

Friday, September 16, 2011

9/16 Update

Week of 9/19
Human Behavior
Quiz moved to 9/27
This week: Expert Learner on approaches to Psych.
Group work on approaches.

Modern World History
6 word memoir activity
World Religion Activity
Ancient Civ work

Human Behavior
HW past due: 9/11 inquiry
HW coming up: Top 10 Name HW (9/20)
Quiz: Thursday (9/22)

for more info visit:
The classes page

Modern World History
HW coming up: I can use_____ to explain______. (9/20)

for more info visit:
The classes page